Thursday, April 16, 2015

Forbidden Archeology (Science)

In recent years, discoveries are created everywhere the globe that show that thought anthropology must be revised. the first history of man on this earth is also radically completely different then however we tend to historically read it.

The long accepted theory of human evolution is that man evolved from the monkeys and apes ample years ago. Brain size redoubled. once the Neanderthals became extinct, Homo sapiens became the sole human species. throughout this time- man migrated to varied continents on the earth.

After Homo sapiens took dominance on the world, he gradually developed societies, agriculture. He domesticated animals and extremely slowly developed science and technology. This industrial revolution was sped up tremendously with the beginning of the commercial revolution within the mid 19th century and continues to the present day.

This is the accepted view. typically anyone UN agency challenged or disagreed with this timeline was ridiculed and looked upon with contempt.

Forbidden Archeology (Science)

Recent proof but can not be unnoticed. Discoveries are multiplying recently that shows there's associate alternate history of man on earth.
Evidences are many but i need to point out three findings specially.

Dinosaurs purportedly died out sixty five,000,000 years ago from an asteroid. Well, there square measure fossilised remains that show archosaurian reptile and human footprints in the same rock strata, which means dinosaurs and man co-existed at a similar time. Incredible! what is more, there are stone carvings made by humans in ancient temples which show carvings of dinosaurs. however did these folks thousands of years past apprehend regarding dinosaurs once they were not "discovered" by archeologists till the nineteenth century?

The Sumerian civilization of the Middle East existed around two,000 B.C. Their knowledge of astronomy was incredible. They carved on stone tablets the planets of the scheme. All 9 planets were diagrammatic, together with a attainable tenth - Planet X. What is stunning is that four of the outer planets were not known at the time. they may not be seen while not a telescope that solely came into use within the seventeenth century.
How did they apprehend of this?

The civilization of Republic of India is around half-dozen,000 years recent or presumably older. There square measure ancient Sanskrit texts around this point that describe "flying machines". These were known as vimanas- machines that might fly by neutralizing the force of gravity mistreatment liquid mercury or alternative propellants. Written illustrations were manufactured from them.

This after all was several centuries before the Wright brothers and everybody else in trendy history!

There square measure several alternative evidences of either super civilizations within the past or aliens UN agency interacted with man to assist him develop technology and gain data.

Other alternate theories of human pre- history on the earth ought to be respected and not dismissed as nonsense by mainstream archeologists. The proof is changing into too nice to not think about alternative theories.

As author Graham American Revolutionary leader aforementioned - "We square measure a species with memory loss, we've got forgotten a serious a part of our past".

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